RAW Gummed Rolling Paper

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RAW Gummed Rolling Paper
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A great deal of people are turning to RAW Gummed rolling paper to create a smooth and clean smoke. These papers are a lot easier to work with than other types, and can help you get the most from your smoking experience.


The new perforated raw gummed filter tips are a breath of fresh air. These cigarette paper shaped beauties are perforated to the tune of one centimeter and can be bought for a cool $1.80 from Mistersmoke. They come in a box sized for easy transport and are accompanied by a free display box. The most enticing aspect is that they can be shipped right to your door. This makes them the ideal gift for your favorite smoker. Getting one is easy – just fill out the form on their website. Unlike many filter types, these aren’t attached to any other filters so there is no chance of spilling your favorite smoke into the nearest ashtray.

Perforated Raw Gummed Filter Tips are made of the same stuff as a regular unbleached long fiber paper. However, the quality is so high that the tip is rolled over and oiled for a smooth finish. The paper is lined with a lickable gumline.


If you’re looking for a quality cigarette that will last, look no further than a RAW Perforated Gummed filter. Not only are they made from the finest natural materials, they are also chemical free. Unlike most filters on the market, they maintain their shape even when wet. They are also available at an unbeatable price. Having a quality filter means no soggy cigarette ends and more satisfying smokes.

The best part is that they are easy to use. They also have a number of other features that make them stand out from the rest. For instance, they are perforated over one cm in diameter and are packaged in a sliding box that snags your cigarettes with no fuss. Plus, the box has a magnetic latch that keeps them together and keeps your ashes from falling out.

These are not the only RAW gummed cigarette filters available. Grasscity offers a wide array of smoking products and is a great place to look for an affordable yet high quality replacement cigarette.

Rolling paper

RAW gummed rolling paper tips are the perfect solution for your smoking needs. These tips are perforated in the right places to make the whole process of rolling your own cigarette a breeze.

The RAW Gummed Tips are made from naturally unbleached long fiber tip papers. They are also lined with a lickable natural acacia gumline.

This type of paper is made in a fourdrinier machine and is a new addition to the market. This is an innovative product that offers smokers a premium experience.

RAW offers two types of tips: classic and hemp cotton. Both of these tips have a gummed adhesive surface that prevents the filter tips from shifting. Using these tips will prevent ash from rolling down the throat.

In addition to this, the Gummed Tips are made from a natural material which adds no nasty tastes to the smoke. Also, these tips save money over pre-rolled tips.

These tips are also available in a variety of sizes. This includes the standard roll, the cone, and the king size.